Criminal Misdemeanors & Felonies

Whether you’ve been recently charged with an offense or you’re under investigation for an alleged offense, Cozzo Law can help you. We care about the impact of a criminal conviction on your family and your life. To find out more about how we can use our experience to defend you, please click on one of our below practice areas.

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  • Domestic Violence/Family

    Information and understanding of serious and emotionally charged criminal accusations.

  • Drug Crimes

    Detailed information and defense strategies when facing criminal drug charges in the New York area.

  • Marijuana Charges

    Understand personal use, cultivation and other marijuana related crimes and how Cozzo Law will defend your case.

  • Firearms/Weapons

    Owning and possessing a firearm comes with great responsibility. These violations carry serious consequences.

  • Sex Crimes

    Find the information and a criminal defense when facing frightening sexual crime allegations.

  • White-Collar Crimes

    The term coined in 1939 — involves frauds committed by business and government professionals.

  • Theft

    When bad judgment leads to theft charges, you need information and strong experienced counsel.

  • Violations of Probation

    You may have made a bad decision while sentenced to probation. You need an experienced attorney to get your life back to normal.

  • Arson/Property Crimes

    Crime against property information, including setting fire, trespassing and vandalism.

  • Officer/Public Crimes

    Laws and information about harming a member of a police force or other public official.

  • Violent Crimes

    Learn more about the broad range of violent crime charges and their severe penalties.

  • Traffic Tickets

    Don't miss a day from work. Cozzo Law goes to Court for you and gets the best results.